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cheaperthanyouare: Short bangs on you? Really good.

this is…?

This is how I procrastinate:

I used to talk to my friend Rebekah 24/7, all the time, at all hours. She was younger, so when I graduated we stopped talking as much. I loved all of our conversations and downloaded some software on my computer to extract our conversation to a word file.

Here is a nice chunk of it:

* Rebekah Laibson - 10:30:40 PM
- So you jumping on Rex anytime soon or whaaat

* Me - 10:32:15 PM
- Hhsha idk how he’s sooooo quiet

* Me - 10:32:32 PM
- But totally talked to me today but still so non talkative

* Rebekah Laibson - 10:32:48 PM
- I wonder what goes on in his head. He’s so hard to read.

* Rebekah Laibson - 10:32:48 PM
- Hahah how do we get it out of him! I wanna see how this pans out!

* Me - 10:32:55 PM
- But last night he was on the phone with a friend and I was like damn why can’t he talk to me like that!

* Me - 10:36:42 PM
- Yeah idk at all like I feel like he always laughs at all my jokes and sometimes I see him look in my direction

* Me - 10:36:55 PM
- But idk if that’s cause hes interested or just thinks I’m cool

* Me - 10:37:01 PM
- Cause face it I am pretty cool

* Me - 10:37:12 PM
- But he’s just sooo quiet

* Rebekah Laibson - 10:37:54 PM
- You are pretty cool, i’d be staring too.

* Rebekah Laibson - 10:37:58 PM
- Or maybe I do stare.

* Rebekah Laibson - 10:38:24 PM
- Gotta build up to it and one day he’ll just unleash.

* Rebekah Laibson - 10:38:50 PM
- Watch he’ll make some super sarcastic//blunt joke that’ll just stun you and you’ll just go from there

* Me - 10:39:29 PM
- Lol hahah dying to the staring part

* Me - 10:39:40 PM
- Haha oh gosh that’d be so cute